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Meet Jeff & John

One began in NY, the other in SoCal, but given enough time, like spirits will cross paths. And crossed they did many times in of all places, Florida. 

John grew up living under the threshold of LAX, building models and riding in the back seat during his fathers pursuit of a private pilots license. As a boy in his Grand mothers backyard, John could see the oil streaks on the bottoms of the DC-4’s that were still in active service flying final approach into LAX. Many days in the summer were spent on Aviation boulevard right behind the blast deflectors on it’s south runway leaning into the jet exhaust of departing 707’s, DC-8’s and anything else the belched burnt jet-A. Maybe that’s how it got into his blood! Having a love of art but not interested in making things to hang on wall or sit on pedestals, John realized the highest form of expression would be to design and build an aircraft someday.

Not having a means for college, John tested out early from high school to work in industry to gain all the skills needed to achieve his goal. During that time he acquired many opportunities to work under some very gifted men beginning with composites in custom cars and boats, then machining to tool maker. John was able to get an insiders education and shown the way in whatever was put in front of him.

While working in Florida as part of the advanced design team for Bombardier Sea-Doo, John became involved in the local EAA chapter. There he met a life long friend David Gall, Jim Stewart (Stewart S-51 – Pratt&Whitney), Grahame Gates (Miles Aircraft in the UK to Piper’s advanced design lead) and Fred Weick (Ercoupe fame, Langley-NACA) a real turn of the century aviation luminary. These were guys that developed and maintained the holy grail of aeronautical knowledge, jackpot!

Between stints as the design specialist at Bombardier Sea-Doo, John worked for Danny Maher the owner / designer of Velocity Aircraft, then later developing the Gull Wing door system for the Velocity “Elite”with the new owners of the company. After finally leaving Bombardier, he went on to help get Jim Stewart’s S-51 flying by providing all the 4130 weldments and composite parts for the first kit deliveries. John also spent about a year with LoPresti Speed Merchants on the “Howl Cowl” project handling the plug development and composite tooling. Around this time having many of his own aircraft designs on paper, he took his Aurora twin as a quarter scale mockup to Oshkosh and used it as a giant focus group to determine its viability. This then necessitated the design and construction of his one off “Darling” all metal single place as a business calling card to demonstrate his ability to meet design, performance, schedule and budget goals. All were nailed.

Then Hollywood called, and twenty years went by raising a family of six, running his FuelCel business while working behind, and sometimes in front of the camera, yet always having those designs in his back pocket. Short Gallery.

Rewind many decades.

As a toddler , Jeff was introduced to aviation by his father, John, who was involved in radio controlled model aviation in its infancy in the early 60’s. So growing up around aviation it was only natural that he developed a love for aircraft. Having a father who had a passion for designing his own models inspired him as a child, to follow in his footsteps.

Jeff designed his first airplane at age 9, later he and his father would go on to design dozens of models of all types, radio controlled, free flight, and control line aircraft. Being designers and scratch builders drove them to explore the use of non traditional materials for their designs and ultimately led them into the world of composites.

In his late teens, Jeff went on to successfully compet on a world class level in radio control pylon racing, winning many awards, and radio controlled hydroplane boat racing, designing a national championship winning hydroplane in the process. With a good friend he also helped develop and refine a full size tunnel hull race boat, utilizing wood and advanced composite construction it garnered numerous national and world championships. This background in aerodynamic design and advanced composites enabled Jeff to operate a successful builders assistance business as well as assist numerous companies in the experimental aviation world.

Some of these projects done by Jeff included the design restyling exercise that produced the Velocity XL, in addition to creating master patterns, production tooling and partial construction of prototype.

Other projects included composite part development, tooling, and part production for the Stewart S-51 (Replica P-51), aftermarket speed enhancing components for certified aircraft( LoPresti , Aircraft Performance Products), prototyping others designs, design consulting,etc.

The ultimate expression of his abilities are his own designs: the Orion canard kitplane, the Ra-2 competition aerobatic kitplane, Voodoo ( single seat jet/ piston kitplane currently under development) Dreamweaver amphibious composite 4 place seaplane design (to be developed soon), and others not yet made known to the world. Short gallery

During the time of the nineties, Jeff and John were crossing paths in the local experimental world known to each other as respected craftsmen but never together on any project. As Jeff began to resurrect the VooDoo in 2016, John happened to reach out to Jeff to touch base after 20 years, then one thing led to another and offered to work some of his Hollywood magic in creating renderings to show what the finished VooDoo would look like.

Rekindling John’s aviation side, and many, many phone conversations and a few visits to Georgia over the convening year, it was apparent, it was time to join forces, talents, passions etc. and form Revelation Aerospace LLC, AKA “RevelAero” whereby they could both realize their shared childhood dreams . . .

 . . .which bring us to now. But enough about us already!

As Jeff would say, yada, yada, yada.

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The brain trust

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Is how we keep our heads above the clouds, our greatest gifts are the ones we work with, these people accentuate our efforts in ways we could never do on our own. We find the greatest pleasure experiencing the synergy that comes from collaboration. Some going back many years, these people have been there along the way providing insights and assets to help us go the extra mile. They share in our vision of RevelAero, it’s future and where its going. Like special teams in football, we call them in to help us tackle unique challenges as needed.

One of our founding principles,  “people first, product second”.

The brains

What about you

What about you? Whats your story?

As we grow we are looking for like minded individuals to join us in creating a force of change in the experimental aircraft industry. We are in need of well rounded people, who are teachable and self starters. If you are good with your hands and head, willing to find solutions to sticky problems while maintaining a positive attitude, then you would feel comfortable here. We are located in beautiful north Georgia among the rolling green hills of the southern tip of the blue ridge mountains, a nice place to live away from the rat race and sub zero temperatures. Let us know below if you are ready for a change in your future.

Jeff & John

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