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Building your own personal X-fighter

This is not your Grandpa’s canard!

The VooDoo line is our premier single seat platform for a wide range of performance and budgets coming in three variants, the VooDoo, Stryker and the Talon. Click on the name below to open an the options and pricing page.

  • Talon details, options and pricing

Primarily a fiberglass based airframe with fixed gear, The Talon is engineered for up to 130 hp. Lighter and simpler, this airframe is perfect for lower-time pilots/first-time builders wanting to transition to a canard platform with impressive performance. With the exact same-century jet aesthetics as its faster siblings, the Talon is designed to accommodate engines such as the D-Motor and HKS-700e. Other engine options in the planning stages.

Primarily made from carbon fiber, this airframe comes with retractable gear and is engineered for up to 180 hp. Now you are cooking. The Stryker, with its F-18 style retract gear in a mil-spec color scheme, looks ready for the mission. As it is a serious high-performance aircraft, you will need to be ready for the transition. We have designed it to specifically use D-Motor LF 39. The Stryker is very high-performing and has really good range on a reasonable hourly cost to operate for long trips. Other engine options in the planning stages.

The VooDoo’s carbon fiber airframe is exclusively meant for turbine power plants and their unique demands. Soaked in bravado with Top Gun performance, we can only say this is achievable if you have the qualifications, talent, budget, and perhaps a spare set of cajones. If you ride or drive a “super” anything, then the VooDoo could be for you. Single or twin engine variants are available. The VooDoo is meant for piercing holes in the sky with your focus set to “narrow” and your planning set to “advanced” for a feeling of exhilaration pegged on 11!


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Need builders


Builders needed

The opportunity to be the “first on the block” is near. We are looking to work with a few seasoned builders serious at getting her done. This will allow us to hone our process early and make adjustments by working closer with these individuals than we could otherwise in a full-on production environment.

Soon, we will be taking order placements to fill the pipeline. There will be commitments from all parties with deposits to follow when we have a firm delivery date. If you are really able to focus on the build, and want to be considered an early adopter in the “X-Squadron” program, we are interested in talking with you. We are looking for two or three builders per type.

Please use the contact form below to give us a brief history of your build experience.  Include kits or scratch-builds you’ve completed and/or are flying and the availability you are willing and able to dedicate to the program.


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Making Contact

Use the form below to tell us a bit about yourself and if you are interested in starting a conversation on how you might fit in to take advantage of our -limited- early adopter “X-Squadron” program.