whats X?

X-Project is where dreams move to reality

Sometimes hush hush, some times public, it’s always what we are currently working on, where blank napkins capture our imaginations and feed the future of RevelAero.  We incubate every design in the light of reality, honing every aspect along the way. There is an old adage, “if it looks good, it’ll fly good” there’s truth in that statement, and we take it seriously.

It began when we were young, flying kites was not enough, we’d Duct tape plastic sheeting onto 1 by 2 frames and run down sand dunes at the beach. Thank God they didn’t fly, but others got our feet light enough to taste the heaven to come.

There’s just no other feeling in the world that comes out of building your own aircraft. Knowing that every single piece touched by your own hands is now carrying you into the limitless blue is just sublime, even, divine. As though you are pulling on your own shoe laces and levitating above the earth. The exhilaration of boats, cars, motorcycles etc. can not begin to compare with the feeling of traversing the sky at hundreds of miles an hour knowing you are wholly responsible for this moment. You are now an X-man.

Yes, there are plenty of aluminum cans with tractor engines on their noses that can get the job done, boring. No, no and no.

We are talking about a visceral, gut level “I did that” satisfaction of taming the wind we breath and making it work for us in a flying machine,  that’s priceless. 

We know others share this dream but may not have the decades of experience and resources to realize them, that is why we created RevelAero. We want to share with you our inspirations, passion and ability to compress time by offering exciting, fresh designs that both look and perform amazingly.

X-Project is the experimental experience  “DREAM – RESEARCH – DESIGN – FABRICATE – FLY – REPEAT”

Once you have done this, you are indeed, an X-Man.


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Beyond limits

taking DIY next level

Taking DIY aircraft to the next level

By designing and manufacturing more intelligently, you can now spend less time building and more time flying. Though experimental homebuilts are an educational experience, we don’t think they need to be an eight year graduate course. Gone are the years of drudgery gnawing out every single piece from raw stock while trying to interpret the chicken scratches for plans.

With our self aligning components, documentation and support, your experience will be met with speed AND accuracy to keep you motivated as you see your airframe come together at home in a few months of weekends.


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We do the hard stuff

so you don’t have too

We do the hard stuff

Employing the tools we have

By leveraging our in-house capabilities we can make anything that comes to mind, like responding rapidly to better ways of skinning the cat. Grandpa always said, “there are many ways to skin a cat, but a sharp knife always does best!” Of course what he meant was always have the best tools at your disposal when tackling a job. So we have done just that.

But tools are only as good as the talent that uses them. We have spent our whole lives acquiring the skills to use those knives efficiently, effectively. Whether it’s machining, welding, turning, grinding, laminating, bagging, molding, painting, conceiving, designing, programming etc. etc. etc., we have been there, done that, many times over. And along the way we have built an arsenal of modern sharp knives anyone’s Grandpa would envy. From the latest CAD-CAM packages, CNC equipment, composite materials, processes and practices, all to maintain control of the vision in house.

One of our founding principles,  “to make a bigger box, think outside of it first”. We just want to share the new space made at RevelAero.




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Ready to join an elite group?

       Be part of an aviation revolution?

                  RevelAero is where your dreams move to reality.


“Join us future X-Man, and we will leave the surly bonds of earth together.”

                                                                                            Jeff & John