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Stryker Details

Stryker Airframe Performance*

417 lb Empty weight

805 lb Gross weight

388 lb Useful load

20 gal Fuel capacity

460′ Take off roll

3200 fpm Sea level climb performance

220 mph Cruise speed @8000′

250 mph VNE

6 G-Loading max

68 mph Approach speed

5.3 hr Endurance @8000′ = 75% power no reserve 

1020 miles max range no reserve

*Estimates based on 112hp with a cruise prop setting with current CAD and Simulation data.

Stryker Airframe Options

The basic Stryker kit is a 51% compliant EAB kit. We have also made the kit available in three major sub kits should your budget and schedule dictate.

Where other manufacturers offer “quick build options” for thousands more, by design, the Stryker is already a “Quick Build” by nature.

The basic full Stryker airframe kit includes three sub kits less engine:

$37,490 Full Airframe Kit

$Inquire for Professional build assistance

   All Carbon Fuselage (all hardware, bulkheads installed, pre-drilled, canopy & frame finished, F-18 inspired retractable landing gear, instructions)

  Canard & Wings (all hardware, control linkages, instructions)

  There are a number of major options available to enhance your build.

$1,820 Powered Canopy (F-16 style rear hinged electrically actuated with emergency releases)

$220 Keyless entry, the ultimate pre-flight welcome!

$860 Airstep (works in conjuction with the Powered Canopy option, extends when canopy is open/ retracts when canopy is closed, only available with powered canopy option)

$290 Front luggage bay (additional storage capacity)

$360 Cabin heating system

$480 Smoke oil tank (5 gallon capacity total)

$450 Custom embroidered Space foam seat and interior appointments

$520 Custom cover, protect your investment when tied down outside for extended periods of time

$1200 Integrated oxygen system


Firewall aft options

We offer a “Plug & Fly” palatalized firewall aft kit which means the engine with its custom exhaust, cowling, engine mount, pumps, coolers, senders, optimized prop, etc. are all assembled and test run. You only have to bolt it to the firewall and connect the associated fuel and electrical connections and add coolant and oil. Now you’re ready for your first test run saving you a tremendous amount of time and gets you in the air much faster.

$36,670* D-Motor LF 39 (Palatalized turn key “Plug & Fly” kit and engine)

*avg. current engine price, call when ready to purchase as final price varies with current exchange rates

** Crating and Shipping separate

We also have basic Glass Panel Options available on request




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